Weak Signal – Olivia 8-250 digital mode

I was looking through the DX Cluster records for the past hour or so, when I found an Olivia QSO entry on the 30 metres band but as I tuned the radio to that frequency I found no trace of that QSO. Given the current propagation conditions and the not-so-great performance of my antenna on... Continue Reading →


HF Weather Fax

A number of meteo agencies and organisations around the world provide weather bulletin and forecast services, broadcast on various frequencies over the HF bands. The broadcast frequencies range is rather large and can be selected depending on where the receiving station is located, the time of the day and the propagation conditions. A detailed document... Continue Reading →

Weather Text Service

For those who tried without success to decode some of those HF RTTY signals that we all stumble upon while sweeping the HF bands, here is some information that I hope will help you. Some of the RTTY signals are broadcast by the various weather agencies around the world. This service consists of a continuous... Continue Reading →

Olivia HF digital mode

After a relatively long time, I recently rediscovered my interest in HF digital modes. A few years ago I used BPSK31 to communicate over the HF bands and at that time my software of choice was Digipan. As a quick web search showed that Digipan remained undeveloped for a number of years I decided to... Continue Reading →

Skyloop Antenna (delta configuration)

At last, I had a chance of testing my new loop antenna. The loop consists of a copper wire hooked to three chimneys positioned in an almost equilateral triangle configuration, the length of the wire is about 42-43 metres and about 7 metres above ground level. I fed the antenna with approximately 7-8 metres of 450Ω... Continue Reading →

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