I’m a UK radio amateur based in London. Like many people who live in big cities, I have to cope with relatively limited available space for my antennae and with neighbours who would probably be unhappy to see aluminium, extensive wiring, masts, proliferating in my garden and around the house.

Although I have been active in the UK since 2011, I was first licensed in Italy in the 80’s. I have then put my hobby to sleep for many years to pursue other interests. One day, back in 2010 I found a video on the web of a radio amateur showing his portable multiband radio, it was a Yaesu FT-857D, a multiband multimode HF/VHF/UHF mobile/portable type of transceiver that didn’t exist at the times when I was active. This sparked my interest in the hobby once again and I became active in the UK, where I currently live.

I first installed a few dipoles, then I switched to verticals which seem to be more effective (if properly installed), and have also bought a magnetic loop. These days I am equipped with one Icom IC-7400, one IC-7000, an IC-E92D, an ID-51, a couple of Baofeng UV-5R, some homebrew antennae, one magnetic loop and one SignaLink USB data interface. In 2013 I developed an interest for the D-STAR infrastructure and built my own gateway (see MB6IBK dedicated page for details).

These days I am active predominantly in D-STAR mode, however I am planning to reinstall my HF antennae sometimes soon and resume activity. One of the things I would like to explore is digital voice in HF is FreeDV, a digital communication mode that only takes 1KHz bandwidth.

I started this blog is to share my experience and I hope that someone will find it useful. It goes without saying that I will welcome comments and advice.

So, welcome to my blog. I hope you will enjoy your reading.

Last updated: 22 September 2013

The Editor (M0ZZM)


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  1. Hi,
    Just reading your blog about the cobwebb.
    Just to let you know have recently built one to G3TXQ’s design.
    Resonates on all bands after adjustment to element lengths. I did cut mine longer for this purpose. Toroid and RG174 obtained from a supplier in Birmingham. Cobwebb spreader and centre plate kit from Amtools.
    It works for me..go for it.


  2. Hi Dave,

    Thank you for your comment. I have been away on a long trip and had no chance to do anything. However, I came back and my ferrite tools were delivered so it’s now time to get some RG-174 and give it a try.

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