Diamond X200N Antenna

I installed a Diamond X200N on the roof and I have to say I am rather impressed by this antenna. The installation is the typical Diamond setup, you see one you see them all. It's very simple to install. The reason I chose this model over the others in the Diamond range (and all their... Continue Reading →


XRF400 retired as of 16 March 2016

Due to other commitments I have been unable to develop and maintain XRF400 since mid 2015. I kept the reflector coasting for almost a year however due to lack of use and community interest I came to the conclusion that it is time to move on: XRF400 is officially retired as of 16 March 2016.

From Russia with love

Summer means travel, and this year I will be in Russia until Fri 31 July. I packed my IC-7100 in the suitcase and I hope today I will be able to find a pole for a temporary wire antenna on 10-15-20 metres (I'll leave 40 and 80 for another day) to operate either from a fixed... Continue Reading →

New Yahoo! group for dxrfd

A new Yahoo! group has been created to find and discuss ways of developing dxrfd, the software supporting the XRF reflector. The people participating to the group have already redesigned the XRF reflector dashboard, giving it a new and fresh appearance. This is the link to the group in case anyone is interested and wishes... Continue Reading →

XRF D-STAR Reflectors explained

Having recently developed an interest in how reflectors work, I soon realised that the best way of coming to understand how these vital pieces of D-STAR pieces of infrastructure work and interact with the rest of the network was to build my own. The software I used is called dxrfd and is available on the... Continue Reading →

Cyprus – operating as 5B/M0ZZM

I'm currently in Cyprus, able to operate after 2100 GMT as 5B/M0ZZM. I tried yesterday to launch a few calls with my small antenna (see my previous post on the subject), the propagation wasn't great nevertheless I made some good contacts with Europe's mainland. I'm not sure about how often I'll be able to do... Continue Reading →

Super Antenna SuperStick MP1

Holiday time again: this time I'd like to take my IC-7100 with me and use it from time to time. Trouble is that apart from the usual luggage everyone normally carries I also have a rather large and full bag containing my camera kit and my computer. You can see how adding a rig, a 30A power... Continue Reading →

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